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Welcome to the best golf course in Thailand

At “Laem Chabang International Country Club” everyone enjoys the feeling of being close to nature in this lush and exotic course designed by famed golfer, Jack Nicklaus. This world-class golf course consists of 27 holes on 700 acres and each hole is different depending on its environment.

While visiting Thailand, be certain that you don’t miss out the world standard golf course at Laem Chabang International Country Club. Designed and recommended by Jack Nicklaus, Laem Chabang is simply the best spot for spending you holiday in Thailand. And it’s just 30 minutes from Pattaya or 109 km. away from Bangkok.

Best Golf Course in Thailand“As the designer of the golf course, I am very glad to have such a beautiful finished product. I am also very pleased that the owner’s commitment to quality has extended to the maintenance of the course.  I recommend Laem Chabang International Country Club is truly world-class in every respect.”

Best Golf Course in Thailand

Rom Pho Restaurant

 The main dining restaurant with its wonderful panoramic view of the golf course. With seating capacity of more than 320, you will be able to select the Japanese and European specialties a la carte and at a very reasonable price.

The Golf Lodge Hotel

The Golf Lodge

offers 40 rooms deluxe accommodation designed for maximum comfort of everyone conveniently linked to clubhouse by an adjoining bridge.

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